What is it to be Trans?

I heard this question yesterday from another Transperson. They did not want a full answer until they were done talking to a group of people. Once it was done I was able to hear the insights of others before my answer. I don’t think people really understand what it is to be Transgender. In all honesty, I would have to say that so many different marginalized communities experience the same answer. Though I would say that if you posed this question to the African American community in the US you would come close to having the same answer. Then if you listened to the Native American and Australian Aboriginals they would be able to tell you about some of the other feelings of the Transgender community.

Many of those answers would include feelings of being Hunted to be Exterminated by people that you have done nothing to or even know. The feeling that you are never really “safe”. That your existence is unwanted and a chore for others to tolerate. That your government does not care about you or even worse supports those that seek to remove you from society.

But then there is the issue of hatred from nuclear families. That you might even lose those that you love. Then there are those that have experienced violence from their family to the point that they have feared for their lives.

Then lately we have seen the rise of Neo-Nazi(Fascist Sympathizers) who have aligned themselves with the LGB Alliance, Let Women Speak, Republican Far-right, The ACA, and so many other hate-filled groups. I mean the one that still shocks me is the LGB Alliance which is part of the LGBT+ communities but they hate the Transgender Community. Though they are so blinded by their own hate that they can’t see that once these groups that they align with are done with the Transgender community they will turn their sights on them as well. But hey what do I know it’s only proven in history.

Then you have people upset that the Transgender community is making noise about keeping our rights. Did you notice I am saying keeping our rights? We are not asking for more rights than someone else and I am not talking about sports. I am however talking about basic human rights. I mean most of the rights they want to be taken away are very basic healthcare, freedom, employment, housing, and even toilets are still a problem for them. I mean here in Tasmania we had the fascist sympathizer Posie Parker (or whoever she is going by) try to give a public speech. She and her little minions got upset when people fought back and told her to “fuck off”. I thought 400 people telling her to do that was wonderful. But then Aotearoa/New Zealand when she showed up went on the full offensive that crowd had to be well over 600 and they were also telling her to Fuck off. She did not like that because our allies were backing us. That felt great!

I came up with the answer to the question while all these thoughts rushed through my head. I want to keep my rights and feel safe. I am a fighter and I am okay with being a Transwoman.

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