Dangerous Groups

United States of America

Alliance Defending Freedom
Scottsdale, AZ
All Scripture Baptist Church
Knoxville, TN

American College of Pediatricians
Gainesville, FL
(This is a pseudo-medical association)
American Family Association
Tupelo, MS*
Franklin, PA
American Vision
Powder Springs, GA
Americans for Truth About Homosexuality
Naperville, IL
ATLAH Media Network
New York, NY
Bible Believers Fellowship
Worthington, OH
The Campus Ministry USA
Terre Haute, IN
Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam)
New York, NY
Chalcedon Foundation
Vallecito, CA
Church Militant/St. Michael’s Media
Ferndale, MI
Concerned Christian Citizens
Temple, TX
D. James Kennedy Ministries
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Faith Baptist Church
Violet, LA*
Baton Rouge, LA
North Royalton, OH
Faithful Word Baptist Church
Tempe, AZ*
Tucson, AZ

Family Research Council
Washington, DC
Family Research Institute
Colorado Springs, CO
Family Watch International
Gilbert, AZ
First Works Baptist Church
El Monte, CA
Elizabeth, CO
Heterosexuals Organized for a Moral Environment (H.O.M.E.)
Downers Grove, IL
Illinois Family Institute
Tinley Park, IL
Liberty Baptist Church
Rock Falls, IL

Lincoln Nebraska

Liberty Counsel
Orlando, FL
Mass Resistance
Waltham, MA*
San Diego, CA
Torrance, CA
Denver, CO
Lexington Park, MD
Detroit, MI
Las Vegas, NV
Austin, TX
Dallas, TX
Fort Worth, TX
Houston, TX
Seattle, WA
Mission: America
Columbus, OH
Pacific Justice Institute
Sacramento, CA*
San Jose, CA
Santa Ana, CA
Salem, OR
Seattle, WA
Pass the Salt Ministries
Hebron, OH
Pilgrims Covenant Church
Monroe, WI
The Pray in Jesus Name Project
Colorado Springs, CO
Probe Ministries
Plano, TX
Public Advocate of the United States
Merrifield, VA
Revival Baptist Church
Clermont, FL
Ruth Institute
Lake Charles, LA
Save California
Sacramento, CA
Scott Lively Ministries
Springfield, MA
Stedfast Baptist Church
Fort Worth, TX*
Jacksonville, FL
Oklahoma City, OK
Strong Hold Baptist Church
Norcross, GA
Sure Foundation Baptist Church
Vancouver, WA*
Kailua, HI
Spokane, WA
Tom Brown Ministries
El Paso, TX
True Light Pentecost Church
Spartanburg, SC
United Families International
Gilbert, AZ
Verity Baptist Church
Sacramento, CA
Warriors for Christ
Bristol, TN
Westboro Baptist Church
Topeka, KS
World Congress of Families/International Organization for the Family
Rockford, IL

I would like to give credit where it is due some of this information comes from.

Joyful Noise Recordings | Southern Poverty Law Center | Joyful Noise  Recordings

Who works tirelessly to expose hate groups and the crimes that they commit. Please I beg of you to support their efforts. We must lift ourselves out of ignorance. The only way we can do this is through education.

As I stumble across groups in my vast research I will list them below.

The Heritage Foundation
Washington DC 

Bethany Christian Services
Grand Rapids, MI 


Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) 
Deakin ACT

Australian League of Rights (ALOR)
Australia Wide

LGB Alliance
Tasmania, Surry Hills, New South Wales

The Coalition for Biological Reality 
Australia Wide

The Australian Vanguard (TAV)
Ipswich, Queensland

Binary Australia (BA)
Melbourne, Victoria

Golden Dawn Australia (GDA)
Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Brisbane, Adelaide

Nationalist Alternative (NA)

Rise Up Australia (RUA)
Hallam, Victoria

SA Mens Health Club (SAMHC)

Society of Western Australian Nationalists (SWAN)
Perth, WA

Save Women’s Sports Australasia

Keep Gender Ideology Out of Schools Australia (KGIOS)
Australia Wide

The Australian Association Of Christian Schools
Australia Wide

Family Voice Australia
Australia Wide

Australian Natives Association, Inc. (ANA)
Brisbane, Canberra (HQ), Melbourne

European Australia Movement (EAM)
Queensland, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Victoria

National Socialist Network (NSN)
Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth

Proud Boys Australia (PBA)
Canberra, Northern Territory

True Blue Crew (TBC)
Queensland, Melbourne

White WellBeing Australia 

I would like to thank GPAHE (Global Project Against Hate and Extremism) for the above information. You can find their page at [Link]. Please take the time and show their site some love.


Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Political Party

Republican Party

Australian Protectionist Party (APP)
Dover, Tasmania

Senator Claire Chandler
Liberal Party Tasmania

Australia First Party (AFP)

Love Australia or Leave Party (LAOL)
Melbourne, Townsville, Queensland


GHQ (Gender Healthcare Query)

United Kingdom

LGB Alliance

News Media

The Epoch Times
(US based)

The Australian (Newspaper)
Australia Wide

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