What needs to be understood is that there are as many reasons for Detransitioning as there are for Transitioning. To each person, it is their own reason and should be respected. The reasons should not be used to further someone else’s agenda. Doing so is wrong and abusive. The information contained in this section is for educational purposes only. I am not a medical practitioner nor will I offer you advice on this subject. That is something for you and your care team to address.

Please also understand that there is limited professional information on this subject. Most information is heavily biased by multiple religious and extremist organizations (REO). What information I can find will be listed in here. Please be mindful of your personal mental health when accessing this information. Finding honest and unbiased information is proving difficult to find.

Choosing to transition is a choice that should not be made on the spur of the moment. Most procedures are permanent when it comes to medical transitioning. Making a poor choice in this area is the same as with any choice in life. You must own the choice and the decision. No medical team will ever force you to medically transition. Therefore if you decide that you have made a poor choice to medically transition and you wish to detransition it is still your choice.

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