Identifying as Male


With phalloplasty, a surgeon will create a penis out of skin from somewhere on the body. These include the radial forearm flap (RFF) phalloplasty and Anterolateral Thigh (ALT) flap.

Phalloplasty can involve several procedures in addition to the creation of a penis. Closing the front pelvic opening (vaginectomy). This often requires a hysterectomy as well. We can perform vaginectomy as a part of a phalloplasty, but this is not required.


Hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus, with or without the cervix. Though due to this is part of gender-affirming surgery removal of the cervix ovaries and the fallopian tubes are part of the standard female to male gender surgery.


Metoidioplasty is a procedure for FTM patients looking to create a phallus. The use of plastic and urological surgery to release the clitoris from the ligament that holds it in place. Then wrap the skin around it to create a phallus. The result is a phallus that can become erect. Performing hysterectomy and vaginectomy by removal of the frontal pelvic opening is done at the same time.

Chest Masculinization


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Double mastectomy

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