Research & Resources

Please remember that I am NOT and activist. I am an Educator, someone who has the desire to provide you with the tools needed to lift yourself out of ignorance. All I can do is give you the tools, the rest is up to you.

Safe Spaces

This section is under construction.

Gate Keeper Model

This section is under construction.


There is some content here.

Brain Studies

This section is under construction. There is some information at current.

Caution: Dangerous Groups

Please be warned the groups that are mentioned on this page have been flagged as dangerous by the Southern Poverty Law Centre

Dangerous Places

Due to recent issues around the world, there are places that are not safe for the Transgender community. This section will list those states and countries that target the Transgender community.

Information from valued sources that do not fit in other places.

Mental Health


This section is under construction.

Gender Affirming Surgery

This section is under construction.

Violence based issues

This section is under construction.


This section is in progress.

Scholarly Articles

In this section is listed all the peer-reviewed evidence. As you might know that many anti-transgender mouthpieces like to use pseudo-science to create misinformation. This section is where facts reside.


In this section I will the most information I can about them. Without replacing a doctor who is the only person that you should be getting help from.

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