Transition Informational Links




Here is a really good report to have a look at.







How to waist train comparing corset training methods



This is an Australia Facebook group that a friend of mine made and she is simply a wonderful person tips and helpful information can be asked and people really do help.


I found this video a number of years ago but never shared is until now. I hope that this will help those who are wanting to know what to expect in the surgery part of the Transition.

xt-align: center;”>transgender children living openly are doing well study shows


I found some information that might be interesting.

sex isn’t chromosomes: story century misconceptions about x y

I found some better information as of 30/12/15

estrogen and the transgender woman

Shave your legs with conditioner so awesome!

Found this one today

Genderqueer Australia

Older links

Sandi’s TG Links
Susan’s Place Transgender Resources for Transsexuals and Crossdressers: Library: Comparison of Transvestism in Australia and America
Information concerning gender identity, sexual orientation, crossdressing behavior, fetishism, and bondage was obtained from a questionnaire which was posted to members of two transvestite clubs, one in the United States and one in Australia. This study reports the responses of 136 American and 86 Australian self-designated transvestites who reported a period of fetishism to women’s clothes at some stage of development.
Transsexual Road Map
Free consumer information and advice for transsexual women.
Beauty Tips for Transsexuals and Serious Crossdressers
Denae Doyle is a Femininity Coach and advocate for the transgender community. She is a Feminine Image Consultant, who offers private consultations and instructional videos to create and improve upon your feminine image in both your personal and professional life. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, Denae is also a lecturer among gender therapists and TG support groups, conventions and gender organizations. Denae was taped at Madeline’s place for the Discovery Channel’s documentation on sex and gender, titled Changing Sexes: female to male, and is featured in the reality TV series He’s A Man
Crossdressing Makeup how to
Basics of makeup for crossdressers
1500 Transgender Web Sites!
Welcome To FemmeFever
The Most Comprehensive Cross Dressing, Transgender, Male to Female Web Site In The World
mHB message boards – Powered by vBulletin
My husband betty
This is a discussion forum about gender and transgender issues, powered by vBulletin. To find out about vBulletin, go to .
A Crossdressers Secret Garden

SoYouWanna do your makeup? |
     SoYouWanna do your makeup? You look good. It has to be true —      your mother tells you so all the time. But her              completely unbiased opinion aside, who’s to say that you couldn’t look…

 Ausgender: Transgender, Transsexual Support group. Melbourne and Australia
    Ausgender is a social and community         support group, for those experiencing gender dysphoria, and those that             share the journey. Support for transgender,           transsexual, trans, ts, tg and trans communities.

  Feminising Hormone Information | The Gender Centre Inc.
    Introduction to Sex Hormones, What happens during puberty,     and how this compares to feminising hormone                   replacement therapy, and the Risks and Side Effects.

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