I did something I swore I would get back to one day but in a different form. I learned to airbrush a long time ago by a wonderful artist who had more talent in his little finger than I could ever have. I miss his talents every day. Ok so back to the point I gave a hand to an amazing artist who’s works stop my heart when I see them. I gave her my Airbrush to knowing that she will make great use of it and in her my Airbrush will shine once more.

Alyce Balley

Have a look she is…… beautiful as her works. I am always amazed. It is even cooler that my oldest amazing daughter is her best friend. Really go look!

So on the front side of my life. I’m going back to school, after years of putting someone else through it. I am going to do another course and see if that is the way I want to go as well. So why am I taking another course well it is simple two reasons and these two reasons are the same for everyone who chooses this path. One I think it might help me find the tools I need to answer a few questions about why I am the way I am. The second answer is very simple maybe just maybe I might be able to help someone out there who is walking the path I have walked. Now I will let you try to figure out what I am going to do…… I’m getting older and it is time to use the wisdom I have gained in my years on this planet.

I also was told in a “reading” that my lucky number are 4, 2 and 17. That I should use these in as many combos as I can and I will be richly rewarded. Well there is Four in our humble little home and I have four friends who would give the shirt off there backs for me (I won’t tell you who you are cause you know who you are).

The children and I are going to go see the News Years Eve fireworks I love this idea!


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