Welcome 2016

Well here we are we made it!

Welcome to 2016, I have been waiting for you. Saying that reminds me of James Bond, lol.

Well as many of you know I have been looking forward to 2016. I wanted to start it off by talking about just a few of my readers….This is very cool I am getting people from all around the world Peru, Chine, Hong Kong, USA, Australia, Finland, and the UK just to name a few. In 1993 I and a friend who I grew up with had a BBS (bulletin board system). For those of you who don’t know what those are they were like having a local Facebook that you used you dialup modem to connect to. Wow the your thinking that’s a long time ago and now I am feeling a bit old, lol. Ok so where am I going with this thought, we as I get older the world is getting smaller. Yes I have not made it to Egypt, China, or Turkey just to name a few places I so want to see. Though that is nothing compared to the amazing people who are reading my blog almost on a daily basis.

I am going through my VAST music collection trying to find a theme song that is right for me at this time. I lived far to long with the last one in fact it was six months of feeling sad for the loss of my marriage which I never really knew how dysfunctional it was until the children and I were out.

So now where to…… Blog it BABY!

Well since so many people are finding my blog a good read. I could sure use a little input what is a good song for a new year. This song needs to show hope, happiness, excitement and downright Groove. No I do not want to listen to YMCA for a year while the kids would be cool with it I think i will have to pass for my sanity, lol. Place your ideas in to comments I am open to my different types of music so don’t be scared to put down your idea.


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  1. Happy days for 2016 to you and the 3 amigos. Love you all, M (to continue the Bond theme!)


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