Ok all invasion day stuff aside… Cause I understand why and how you feel. This day has brought a wonderful sense of life that I have missed for so long. The children even felt it. There is the point in time where nothing really fucking matters but good people just being good people. Oh that day was today. You see I have heard int he past that “you are nothing without me” WOW news flash I am Awesome and once again I keep hearing that people love the children and are amazed about how wonderful they are with manner and kindness except when Gabriel shook a can of Coke and asked a lovely woman to open in and it got all over her nice clothes need less to say Gabriel got it back and then some. Lesson taught and when he got home he told me how sorry he was for getting her with a can of fizzy.

I can not believe how much fun we had so many new faces, Which to be honest I was really spooked to meet them all as there were so many in such a short time. But not one of them cared that I was trans. In fact I was so relaxed.


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  1. Glad you had a good time. Well Gabriel’s prank backfired – but hey, it happens. Love to you all.

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