Well now I love to tell when I am treated no different than any other cis-woman. I am going top take the time and list who and where I have shopped and enjoyed.

Lets start with Millers, OK i know what you are going to say but when you are my age style changes but you don’t have to look like the complete old lady they have some clothes that work well with others from other places. I am very happy to say that the Launceston Staff are simply amazing. I was treated so kindly in fact I cannot say enough the way I was treated. Oh what ever you do don’t forget to bring your funny bone and you will have a great time shopping.

Next Price Cutters, Ella there was very helpful and so much a fun person to talk to.

EBGames yup I go there to find games for the WII, all the staff in the Launceston store and very kind and helpful.

Katies and Autograph, well some might say that it was cause it was their job but the truth is that easy to see through. Great kind and warm place to shop.

Mobray Target, ok mostg of the time in these types of shops you get crap handed to you on a plate and told to like it. But the staff at Mobray have avoided this and I love to shop with them and they seem to have a better selection. Wonderful help as well.

Meyer, I just heard about ten people freakout. Trust me while I have only shopped the main floor they have been very respectful.

Glow cosmetics, they are be a bit of a hit and miss with kind staff so be warned.

As I find the ones worth talking about I will list them. Sorry to over seas readers Launceston in Tasmania Australia. If you are trans and have a favorite shop let dme know I will place it on the shopping page.

I tried to pay it forward while shopping this week, and Failed. I have done this in the past and Allen and never had any problems. Hmm it could have been nothing but simple crap. LOL just thinking out loud on that. I love pay it forward.


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