Changes to my life

I am being dragged kicking and screaming to a new life. Now note this is not meaning that I don’t want it. In fact the thought of reaching this part in my life I never foresaw. Okay now let me explain.

Sometimes you have friends who do things to make you life better. Case in point Rowan who offered money to help the children and I get on out feet. Lucky I was thinking ahead and that was not needed, but in the end what a great friend. Something has happened here in the last couple of months I have met this friend at a games night held by another friend. We lost track of each other for qa few months then out of the blue this crazy woman contacted me and our friendship has grown from there. Well a few weeks ago we went looking at material for curtains and there were a few I liked. Next thing I know I am really thinking this is a great idea…..

A couple of weeks pass by and we go in again and boom 30 minutes later we are leaving with the material for curtains. I told her I don’t sew but as the great friend she has become boom no worries I do. So real curtains are on there way. Then we were in Bunnings a place of  my dreams that when I am done I am in nightmares cause I have so many plans and some are started. So when we fled our home I left a bed that meant a lot to me cause it was purchased with my oldest children in a very dark time (yup i don’t think i will get that back). We started talking about making a four poster bed. In my mind and hers we looked at the parts and next thing you know I am home setting up my room seeing if this can be done. The kids see me changing my room and so it begins they CLEAN their rooms and start to move things around like spring cleaning. I have been in a battle trying to get Niamh to clean her room and now cause my friend is making curtains BOOM it is clean. WHAT……did I miss bride 101 for children, no I know it well but this bribe worked…..Thank you my wonderful friend.

Four poster bed…….LOL it is in the works, lol. I am not really kicking and screaming I am loving this new life that is without the EX-to-be. I am so going to have a party that day I really mean it. Cause there just has to be one.

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