An open letter to the…….


I bet your thinking I am going to give you a serve about whats been going on. I am going to let you down. I wanted to just say “Thank you”.  You see I was so happy to be the fill in for you today even though I am not you I am not mum. But as I sat at that table filled with little girls helping our Daughter make a clay Mermaid and teaching the other girls how to make a heart I was able to answer more questions to all children in that room than I could have if I stood in front of them. I watched our little girl brighten up so much that is reminded me of who she really is and was before the “event”.  When I left her class I was given high fives by the girls at the table. But best of all I was given something  , no I think anything could not be better and that was a huge from our little girl that seemed to sum up the release of the pain that she was holding on to thinking she was going to be without you there as I was able to be the proxy you.

I then went to Gabriel’s class as I sat there without oldest son who also had a smile and was happy to see me helping him enjoy the activities that his teacher had put in place. While simple we made a flower an Lilly. I was also lucky to be able to show the children in that room that even though I look different I am just that same as every other parent who was in that room (except all the others were mums). There were smile from everyone Gabriel had one from ear to ear. I was so thankful I was able to help you by being the Proxy Mum.

Then last but in no way the least “The King Baby” Hezekiah. He was so happy I was able to cancel what I was going to be doing he rushed without thinking to me as I entered the door. But in true Hezekiah fashion he was not looking, not one little bit…..BOOM he hits the floor after tripping over another mums feet. It was a crash that would make any YouTube fail video proud. Then like the little tough nut he is, he got up and dusted himself off and completed he journey towards me. That hug was wonderful. We first sat and made me a bracelet I will never get rid of that it was all done by him. What fine craftsmanship all done with though and care. Next we went to the Cookie Station in true Robins fashion he made a wonderful design and it looked so good he just had to eat it right away. We then went to the flower table where we made his hand print flower. What a great job such use of bright colors and designs. As we sat there Hezekiah said wait one second, I have something for you. SO there I was doi9ng my best to finish off our flower when much to my surprise that to the staff and Hezekiah I was given a beautiful pink and white Rose. I wp-1462417639451.jpgfelt that he should give it to you, but no he insisted that it was for me. Talk about being on cloud nine.

As I was leaving I got to say a goodbye to Niamh and wished her well. I am so pleased to say this day was a hit. Even though I needed to cancel the event I was going to it was worth every second and I loved it. I am sorry Hezekiah told me the rose is for me and I am not to give it away I was told “You deserve this dad”. I am so proud of our kids. If you would like your welcome to join in on the father day event might be just as fun. But I am not going to miss that for anything in this world. Thank you so much for your selflessness of allowing me to enjoying this wonderful event.

Best Wishes……


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  1. I enjoyed it as well. Although I was “told on” to the teacher by Mia for stuffing up her flower!

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