Sad news

Flowers funeral

It might be for others but for me I would like to say with a sad heart one of my first readers has passed away. Let me tell you a bit about her as she was a friend of my Mother. First I found this information of her her death from another friend of my mothers. It is sad the way it was found out My mothers friend who told me found out via social media, there was not Obituary or Service. I did not want this person passing away without people knowing cause every life has value and she found me after I thought I hid so well. SO please bare with my simple Obituary for this person.

Anita Dudley who my children at one time or another called her Grannie D. My mom met Anita when I was about 16 years old and this wonderful woman cut my hair on a regular basis for a number of years that I was around her for only $5 a shot. Anita was the first Gender Nonconforming person I have ever met. We never talked about it but it was easy to see. My son in the States even at one time had his hair cut by her.  Anita had a son who she loved to complain about but loved him as in her eyes the sun rose and set on him. He had a couple of children that were the Apple of Anita’s eye as well. Every time getting my haircut I would be treated by a story of what was going on and all the new achievements of the grandchildren. I never really understood until I had children myself the pride of all your children’s achievements and pitfalls. Anita when she got into computer used to have me come over and work on them for her.I used to swap a meal for working on her computer but then found out her haircuts were safer, that is said with a loving heart. When I was leaving for Australia, she simply said it is time for you to live your life. When she found my blog I was met once again with love and kind words. She will be missed and I wish her family and friends all the best.


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