a lesson learned

Time is fleeting, Hearts get broken and we all make mistakes. Some we can never hope to see fixed but we try and try to do so. Someday when I leave this life and follow many others, I hope and pray that my days here have been more good then bad. I hope that I have lifted where I stood. I hope that I have given of myself more than I have needed others. I hope that as time will forget me that what I have written and will be writing will endure and that time will find a bit of kindness to let the dusts of time forgive my mistakes.
I hope that my children, even the ones who do not wish to talk to me will learn from what I am writing that I am just human that I too am like them, with all my hopes, dreams and flaws. I know the three little ones only see what they want to see, I am blessed to have them in my life. There is still a part of me that longs to hold all my children at the same time.

Someday…… until then I will keep being true to myself and raising the three little ones the best I can. I am so very blessed, many people never see this point in their life until it is to late……..

Tonight I am missing my mom even though we were not as close as I wanted…..

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