OK I am confused

A while back a friend who I grew up with posted something that was not okay with me and has done it again. I love this friend as we both went through a bit of hell as kids. Then as young adults it did not get much better.

Today he liked and shared another link that causes me a bit more sadness. I would have thought that after the last post he would have kind of a whoops moment in time where he would have placed his issues on the back burner. I love him as a friend but I just don’t understand why so many men have issues with the bathrooms.

Here is what was posted….

why why why

(this is a tool used for docking the nuts and tails off animals)

Do you see what I mean not only is it a shit of a thing to post, share or whatever it makes very little sense. So feeling a bit sad about having to put his friendship on the back burner for now. I have been trying real hard to do the Positive lifestyle change. Stopped watching the news, cut crap out of my life that I don’t want, keep only friends that bring you up and so on.

I mean so I have not been silent on voicing my outrage over the US states and Bathroom issues. Hell he would have had to seen it….

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