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Aleana Robins

Aleana’s Journey

Ph: 0419885177



The Shadow of Ally – Book Publication

 Transgender personality publishes Autobiography.

The journey of a transgender person is one that is often traveled in turmoil, shame and isolation. These stories are lived behind closed doors and with lack of understanding from those closest as well as the public arena.

Aleana Robins is hoping to change that.

In her recently published autobiography, The Shadow of Ally, Aleana lifts the secrecy and mystery of transitioning by telling her story of evolving from Allen to Aleana. In today’s world, the human side of the story behind being transgender is lost in the world of celebrity news and entertainment.  This book provides an insight into the human side of a Transgender person.

From her childhood growing up in the U.S., through trauma and conflict in her adult relationships, to her physical and emotional transformation in recent years, she tells a story that is raw, moving and insightful.

In her own words, Aleana said, “The book will allow readers to better understand the life struggle of being transgender. It also provides answers to many questions that the readers might have about the subject of being Transgender and the meaning behind it. It also provides some much needed advice to both the general reader, as well as members of the those who are part of the Transgender Spectrum.”.

The Autobiography can be purchased at Major retailers, local book store, or online at Amazon or

The author is available for interviews to discuss both her life and her book. Contact details provided above.


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