Day 4

Still small headaches the overall sugar cravings are gone now. I am sure they might return. Energy levels are still very low. I am hoping that this changes soon.

Day 5

Well I did not post day 4 because not much happen. 5 days so far and the Mint water is my life saver. I could not do this without it. Calms the tummy as I fight the sugar cravings. Spent two hours at BJJ open mate rolling with my boys Hezekiah and Gabriel. So I am so sore right now it is not even funny. Gabriel is starting to roll with me like he does others. It is a struggle for him as he loves me and does not want to put in a full 100% effort trying to avoid hurting me. I maybe Trans but I can hold my own. Well, I still have small headaches but in time those will go. Well, not much to say as all I can do this.

Have a wonderful day everyone

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