Hello, I know its been a while.

You see I could not see, very well. So I had to take a break to heal as I had a double eye infection. I was scared that I might lose my sight in one of my eyes. I have a number of book in the works and I was really scared of not being able to finish them. This passed week the eyesight started to be clear in both eyes. The one they were concerned about I kept seeing clouds in my vision. What those clouds were was not pretty and I was worried.

But my depression took a hit when I kept trying to write because in my head I knew I needed to write but I could not see clear enough to type. Tonight I had dinner with some friends and I felt human again. I always wonder why some of us who are creative have to deal with depression. Why are our souls so beat up. I have been told that some of us are old souls and we have seen so much. That when we got here we were sad at knowing what we came to.

Think about that……

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