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About a year ago my youngest daughter was in complete tears just before dinner. It was so bad that I could see on her face a look of terror. One of a child who is lost and confused in life. So we sat down after a few hugs and telling her everything is going to be okay I will listen as she talks. We sat in silence for about 5 minutes as she regained her composure. I was doing all I could to not cry as my daughter was trying to be strong.

In a soft and kind voice she told me that she was Bi. I looked at her and said “okay, so?” I know that she was not ready for this simple answer but to be honest nothing more could be said. It did not need to be said. I walked over to her and gave her a hug and told her I loved her. It was right then and there she asked me not to tell the other parent. Okay I was not going to in the first place. Not like it coming from me would help anything between the two of us. She was concerned that the other parent would be unkind to her. I could not argue with her, it was a concern of mine as well. But this past week my daughter told the other parent and it went okay. (Phew)

I watch so many parents get it wrong all the time. I see and hear the fallout of their actions and not the actions of the child. Children disowned, hated and even kicked out of the house before they were 18. I said it once and I’ll say it again. If your child gets more love and compassion from a strangers hug, then you are not a parent you are a donor. With the responsibility of children comes the ups and downs of their lives. Yes, we all make mistakes some we are unwilling to accept. But they notice and they will remind you in different forms. This I know all to well.

Last thing I want to say on this is that it is none of anyone’s business to whom you are attracted to. You don’t ever have to tell it to people. Live your life the best you can. Get your education! Then find someone who is right for you. Others have to adjust to your life. If that life is with someone of the same gender than if they love you it is alright.

Love is love and it does not matter who is in your bed or holding your heart.

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