Nothing is more exciting or frustrating at the same time as Creation. If you believe in a God this is the first and foremost thought that you must associate with a creator of anything. This post is not about GOD, it is just something I wanted you to think on.

What this post is about is using your efforts to create something that you believe in. As you start you might have one idea that morphs into something else followed by an end result that look nothing like what you had envisioned in the first place. But with that comes the understand that you haver indeed created something wonderful. If you don’t get to that stage where you are not happy with what has been created you start over. But at least you know what you did not like about your first creation. As with anything we need to look at the end results of our goal and figure out how do we reach it. Then we need to look at how to maintain it so that it becomes organic and supportive.

I know that you are thinking “Organic and supportive what do you mean by that?” Well, that is very simple when you pull it apart. When something is created or in the process of creation we hope for a good outcome. That outcome can be anything from Cooking a meal to Raising your children or even making a website such as Being Trans. One wqe have created it we can then stand back and admire our creation and say “Ugh, me did that me created round thingy that me will call rolle-polly.” Which will change into “Wheel” when you figure out that “Rolle-Polly Thingy” does not work for a name. But none-the-less we are excited to have done it. We have also allowed ourselves to realize our goals matter. Which is part of the supportive phase of any project.

BUT, like anything that is organic it grows and needs to grow. But that takes time effort and sometimes funding to do so. I love this website and the hope that I can save lives by its creation. There is a lot of effort and time spent in its creation and the upkeep of this creation. I wish I could do it for free forever but this is not the case there are expenses that come with the creation and maintenance of this site. Being that there is not anything such as a paywall or a membership for this site I need to ask for your kind help. I have opened a Patreon page that allows for anyone to give a helping hand in keeping this site up and running. Allowing the creation to grow and serve the Communities that read it. For as low as $3 a month you can help support this and be a part of its future by following the link below. Thank you for taking the time and staying with this journey.

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