New Page – Dangerous Places

In trying to keep up with what is going on all over the world I am starting to see a disturbing trend. In some places they known not to be safe for the LGBT+ communities let alone the Transgender Community. But since the rise of the religious extremism and the far right groups some places that once were thought to be safe are starting to show signs of just the opposite.

Building a page that is solely dedicated so that people know where it is not safe to visit or live is proving to be a necessity. It also comes with it an extreme sadness that words cannot convey correctly. As we are forced to review the environments of 195 countries. There will also need to be an attempt to look at some criteria the judge their safety. But simple enough not to look like a menu breakdown.

I think that looking at such issues as:
Current known murder rate
Freedom Index number
Employment opportunities
Legislation system (is there a fair go)

I know this is a mammoth task to be writing about. So I am asking a little bit of a break as collecting this information is going to take time. I mean hello look at the US there are 50 states each one is a mini county within it. Each with different laws that govern their people. Right now as I write this I am begging all those who are in Texas and other southern states to GTFO of dodge. Texas right now is looking at taking children away from parents if they seek medical help for their child if that child is questioning. Then the parents will also be charged as abusive parents with whatever crimes they can attach to them.

If Texas is able to create this law will set a stage of violence towards the Transgender communities that we have never seen before anywhere in the world in the modern age. It will be reminiscent of children form the Stolen Generations, Stolen children of Native Americans, and even what was done during WW2 by the Nazi Party. Which if you know anything about the southern states of the US once one of them do something like this others will follow.

If what the past four years of Trumpism has shown us is that the children will be abused by the system beyond the scope of the imagination. Some of these children will be lost to sexual exploitation and even trafficking. The ACLU will fight Texas in the supreme court as this type of law is unjust children and families will have to face it until it is stricken down.


If you are in TEXAS and you are part of the Transgender Family. Get you and your child to safety NOW!

You have been warned…

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