Something new is something old

In a new world where the haters keep searching for new and creative ways to show their dislike for anything different. The new and quite shocking approach has had me questioning if I need to get two more damn degrees. One in Psychology and the second in Advanced medicine. I will admit that I do not know everything and that I get surprised daily with weird and unique questions. Today was no different, ugh. With a new spin on hate I was asked about Autogynephilia in a way that was meant to be used as an attack. Like I said there is so much bullshit hate out there I cannot fully keep up with it all. So here I have to do some more research and a lot of exhaustive reading (remember I am dyslexic). Not to mention the headache that followed.

As I do not wish to explain all that I have read today (Grumbling). I am however going to give you a couple of links to allow you to enjoy some of the reading I have done. Sorry for your headache… But this reading is also very interesting and shows American dystopia and how it reaches across the world. With the great lengths that some are willing to go to. So please take the time and enjoy a good read. Make sure you follow onto part 2.

The funny thing is when you confront a person on using this type of an attack. I have found that remaining calm and avoid emotions helps. Even if inside you might be screaming you mother *&%^$%er. You see I once heard that African Americans should not be allowed into the olympics because they have an extra muscle that makes that naturally faster that the white man because they had to run from Tigers and they evolved differently than the white man. As I have said before while attacks on the Transgender Community might seem new they are the same type of hate that other communities have felt. Most of these attacks come from very simple demographics. As my children like to say they are from “Chads and Karens”. I do feel for those people named Chad or Karen that are nice people.

What is even more sad is the issue that this OP who asked the question came from a FB post on a group I have listed under Dangerous Groups. Yeah I know I do not need to be on there. But someone replied back to a post I made months ago. I noticed something different about the group when replying to this question. Was a post from the owners of the group thinking that because people read their rubbish that they support them. When in fact there were a lot of people complaining about the rubbish that they were saying.

But the saddest thing that I noticed was that there were so many people filled with so much hate for something that will never impact their lives. I even had the pleasure of calling out the groups page owner who showed their true colors with one of their posts. It did not take a rocket scientist to see that “Saving Womens Sport” was not what they were really wanting to do. They just wanted a platform for their hate.

I have enjoyed working with the Human Library Project for years now. I have met people from all walks of life. I watch their faces when they first meet me and when they walk away. I believe in my heart that hate is something learned not born with. I also know that it destroys the very soul of a person. I pity these people who make these comments. Simply because they don’t know what they are losing. The beauty of humanity comes from us when we show love towards others regardless of their station in life. I don’t care about what your station in life is just be a good person. Each time I read the comments of those that have so much hate. I ask myself what good have they done to outweigh their hate? I have lived with two people who filled their lives with hate. I watched both of them lose what was so special about them. Not because it was gone but because the ugliness of their hate was so dark that it snuffed out the light.

In closing, be careful of what you think and say. Your light is important and I would like to get to know a beautiful side of you. Always remember don’t let the dirty bastards grind you down.

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