A world wide shortage

I heard about this a couple of weeks ago and thought very little about it thinking that it would be solved when it came time to get a refill on my prescription. It wasn’t…

Now for the rest of the story

If you did not know there are two major pharmaceutical drugs used for female to male transition for the Transgender community. Estradiol is the one we are going to talk about right now. If you have been a mushroom and did not know. Estradiol is used in many different ways both in the Transgender community as well as the Cisgendered community. With more and more people starting to understand that it is okay to be Transgender the usage has risen over the years. Then we add into that the population of those who are reaching Menopause. Then we add on top of that it is a form of birth control. Then add on top of that a Pandemic. A shortage of drugs should have been foreseen.

This last week I spent hours looking for Prognova which is the standard used in Australia for HRT. Only to have met a kind pharmacist who had some at half the strength that I needed but gave me enough pills to equal my needs with enough time to get me to my appointment where I can talk to my GP about a replacement. I am looking at the Gel form as it is not as popular as pills. I am not able to use the patch as it make me sick due to the glue on it. Plus I have a hard time keeping it on.


The above link is for information about the medication used for HRT. This information is NOT a replacement for a good doctor and healthcare team. Remember this is about your life, hormones are not something to play with and require close supervision. I do understand that in some countries (cough…cough….cough…US) healthcare is not affordable. But there are groups that can help.

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