Holiday Season Wishes

Hello, my dear readers…

It is that time of year again and I would like to first start off with a moment to mention all those in the Transgender Community who have left us. The world is going to be dimmer without your beautiful glow. To the thousands of indigenous children in mass graves in the US and Canada that have been found this year. May you find peace in your rest you are not forgotten. Let us light a candle for all of them.

Now my wishes for you let’s start with finding peace with those who are no longer part of our blood family by their choice. Though some of us have replaced that loss with our own found families. We need to have peace in our hearts for them so their toxicity does not fill our hearts as well. But be willing to accept them back, should they come with an olive branch of peace and seeking forgiveness. We are looking at an end of another year as many of the old ways die. Let us hope that some hate dies as well.

We boldly look to the future that 2022 will bring us all the love and happiness that we deserve. That our lives and effort spent in helping others will once again return to us tenfold. That we all will see a reduction in the violence that is directed towards the Transgender Community.

Each year I open my home to two families for our Annual Christmas/Holiday dinner. As well as an open-door policy for any LGBT+ person all alone. No one should spend this family dinner alone. The efforts that so many in the LGBT+ community are doing the same. Let’s hope more are shown the same love. Let’s place some hope that all will enjoy a good meal and friendship. To those who have spent time at our table in the past, my family wishes you all the best once again. 12 families served so far… Each one is special in their own way and I am proud to call them family.

To all those who are believers I wish you all the best at this time of faith and hope. May you also find the peace that you deserve.

In memory of my Grandfather, there is no Holidays without your music.

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