The end of an Era

Hmm, it was about seven years ago that I had a crazy thought what if I make a website about my Medical Transition. I thought I would write it in such a way that was completely honest. Not pulling punches, telling the whole truth while remaining brutally honest. I think I have done an okay job at it.

That site that was first started was Aleana’s Journey. But it started to grow and grow. I found that more and more information needed to be told and talked about. I also started working on another project that duplicated my efforts. But at the same time, things started to change with Aleana’s Journey. I started to collect more and more scholarly peer-reviewed articles. As well as expanding my own knowledge. As time marched forward I was starting to think that there needed to be a name change that reflected the change. So that was the birth of Being-Trans and Honest approach to the topic of being Transgender.

I kept both names for a while but now the time has come to allow Aleana’s Journey to end. Thus if you have that as your bookmark you might want to adjust to the Thank you for all your years of support.

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