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Been busy much? I have been so sorry but this is going to be a rather large post. So sit back and relax with a cuppa and treat yourself to a couple of bickies at the same time.

Part 1

Well as many close friends have known is that one of my children is going through some difficult times in life. Eeek Teenhood, ah yes teenage life can be a bit difficult filled with many challenges and mistakes that will be made. I’ve seen many things before but not everything and lately I have been shocked by new challenges that this one child has found to bring to our lives. But that is the thing many need to learn about the facts of being a parent is the need to rise up and face these challenges. Some can be overcome and others will need you to just carry on… But never abandon your child regardless of their choices. After all, they are learning as well.

Part 2

With these latest choices of one, we are adjusting our up-and-coming goals for our family’s great adventure. Soon we will be creating a new website with a new name that the boys will be creating and working on. I am hoping that they will be able to also start up a YouTube site as well with this new name and I hope that when it is kicked off all of you can help support my wonderful children and their new adventure. So the page part is up and stuff behind the scenes is taking place. So only the opening page is only able to be viewed at this time. We were forced to downsize the team by one which is out of our control. We also have changed the journey that is going to kick off this site. All I can tell you is that the current list of riders is Gabriel “Rathe”, Hezekiah “The Viking”, and myself “Shadow”.

The route for the first event is still the same. Hezekiah is currently learning how to marry up all the cameras, Video, and Helmet cams. Gabriel will still be doing the video editing with his brother. We have lost our aspiring artist so now turns over to me to do our outsourcing at a cost.

But we will have to see what we can come up with first.

Part 3

Okay, I know that most of the world has heard about the news of the World Swimming handing down a ruling about Transgender athletes. There has been a lot of negative press in the last year or so about all of the less than 1% of professional athletes that are Transgender in sports. It got to the point that I just started to tune out of their hate-filled bullshit.

BUT… (everything before this is bullshit)

Rules that are claimed to be based on fairness need to be done in the open for all to see. I will hold off my judgment until I see what they used for their choice. I do think that some of their rulings are a bit extreme and not very realistic. What has been done is also pushing the notion of children needing to have undergone Medical Transition before the age of 12. This type of requirement is a non-medical service demanding that medical procedures take place. There is no trustworthy medical professional that will agree with this unethical This goes beyond unprofessional, to say the least. But once again it needs to be said that using a blanket rule for all Transgender athletes is unfair and unwise as it leaves it open to neglect and discrimination.

I still hold firm that each athlete needs to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. There should be testing that is designed to create a fair and level playing field without the agendas that are currently surrounding the debate. I fail to see the need to create this open category as it will be even less supported than those of the women categories. But then I guess we will see that this was really not about the sport or equality. I am also concerned that once this target is done the ones pushing this line will adjust the line once more looking for a new target. It would not be a surprise if they have done it before and will do it again.

Personal Opinion

Though there is another side to look at it is that there were not enough regulations now there are too many and too strict so it will be tested in many ways and will be adjusted. Ending in a more balanced approach. Though this is another wait-and-see section. But I do agree on many cases those Transwomen who are in sports and Transitioning need to be realistic in their desires and goals. Some (not all) are clearly benefiting from male puberty and have not spent enough time in medical transition for a fair playing field to be created. This is why I feel case-by-case regulations are the best approach. I do understand that this will demand more testing of women, in general, to come up with a proper baseline. Then testing each Transgender Athlete wishing to be in that sport can be measured correctly.

There is however a way to solve this problem before it becomes one and at this point. I put forward that we all mental health services and medical health services treat all those who are identifying as Gender Incongruent with proper puberty blockers until that youth is able to see if this is what they want. Such is the case that was seen in Georgie Stone, Jazz Jennings, Kim Petras, etc. This type of respect yields the best results for the future of that person. We also need to support the removal of conversion therapies practices. Which will improve the overall mental health of all.

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